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About us

Melongtech is an authorized distributor of many world-class manufacturers for connector, tool, fitting, tube, fastener, hardware and cable in the South East Asia territory including P.R. China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. We had been serving the market for more than 10 years and we are ISO9001 certified. Our company mainly engages in providing products in Aviation, Oil &Gas, Power, Aerospace, Telecommunication, Renewable energies and other markets.

The price advantage, technical support, strict quality control system, just in time delivery, and the after-sales service are our competitive advantages. Our company provides technical service to satisfy customer’s design needs. We keep certain stock level to provide just in time delivery and distribute high-quality products directly to our customers, such as R&D institutions, large-scale OEMs and electronic/manufacturing entities. Melongtech as a leading distributor in our niche market maintains strong relationship and holds superior reputation among our customers.


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